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Detox Made Delicious!

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

We were all well behaved in January and pledged to become healthier, however now the month is over we still want to keep up good habits so the Sept PR team will be focusing on Detox.

For those of us who don’t always have time to shop for the right ingredients and undertake healthy cooking, delivery can be the easiest option.  We take a look at some of the best detox delivery programmes on offer here in Dubai; these companies promise to rid us of toxins, restore balance to the body and help enhance our general well being, all by simply drinking super sexy fruit and veggie juices delivered to your door every morning.

Detox Delight is ideal for detox beginners, they have a fabulous friendly website and easy to follow programmes. The daily menus follow a well-founded, balanced nutrition plan, which contains everything you need for a successful first time detox.  Detox Delight offer delicious gourmet recipes developed by renowned international rawfood chefs and detox experts, using only the freshest ingredients and seasonal products. We like the Juice and Soup Delight programme, 4 different fruit and vegetable juices and 1 delicious pureed vegan vegetable soup such as pea and spearmint with cashew cream, delivered daily to an address of your choice and ready to be devoured.  Also don’t miss their special detox tea or ‘liquid wisdom’ that perfectly complements all detox treatments.

Essentially promotes nourishing juice cleanses and supplements offering different levels of intensity; their juices are 100% organic, delightful and energizing. Pressed daily from the finest vegetables and fruits and delivered straight to your doorstep, you don’t get fresher than this. Essentially offers three different levels of cleansing, for those advanced detox pros amongst us we recommend the Transformation Pro cleanse. Heavily vegetable based for maximum results, Transformation takes you deeper; it digs down to a cellular level, and leaves you feeling brand new. This is the most intense option on offer and not for the faint hearted!

Café Baroque offers a good value for money detox cleanse;  the 3 day Juice Cleanse Program comprises of 4 flasks of either hot soup or juice delivered to your office or home for just Dhs 100 per day. Juices combine tangy lemons, ginger, cucumber and apple and their smoothies have the usual berries but some extra energy boosting ingredients as well.

Sophie’s  is a health lovers paradise and a must visit, an innovative gastro-café concept serving made to order fresh juices, wheatgrass shots, their very own healthy range of smoothies and handcrafted organic tea blends – divine! Plus if the intensity of the liquid diet is a little too much to handle Sophie’s offers an array of home-style fresh and natural food, including mains, salads, dips and a health focused a la carte breakfast menu. Take a day off deliveries and head to Sophie’s, Lower Ground Floor, RIVA Beach Club, Buidling 8, Shoreline Apartments, Palm Jumeirah.

Let’s stay healthy in 2014, good luck!

Team Sept x


Boost Your Skin this Season!

Monday, January 20th, 2014

With 2014 here it’s time to be thinking about healthy living! An area that is often overlooked is skin care, and with so many new products and treatments it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are some handy tips and product information to kick start your 2014 beauty regime!

Start and end your day with the Liz Earle cleanse and polish which is a gentle cleanser and makes it easy to remove even the most stubborn make up. Follow this with a good moisturizer, L’Oreal has an extensive range of products that come in a variety of formulas for age and skin type. Remember to exfoliate or use a facemask twice a week to remove all the dead skin from your face which can often clog your pores. The Body Shop has a great vitamin E skincare range which is gentle on the skin and is available in both an exfoliator and face mask. For those puffy eyes after the party season use Elizabeth Arden visible difference moisturising eye cream to nourish the delicate skin under your eyes.

Daytime make-up should be simple and easy to achieve each morning. Clinique Anti Blemish Solution foundation and concealer acts as a good base but for those that prefer something lighter, use mineral powders or tinted moisturizers such as Bare Minerals powder or Chanel hydramax tinted moisturiser. YSL touche éclat is great at covering any dark circles under your eyes too. Finish off with a mineral blusher which will be light on your face, Neal’s Yard Remedies offer a range of colours in powder. For amazing yet simple make up tutorials visit Lisa Eldridge’s blog which has video tutorials and make up tips.

Obviously, a healthy lifestyle is important to having healthy skin so this New Year try to drink 8 glasses of water a day and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. When exercising make sure you have a shower afterwards (at least a quick rinse if you’re short on time) as by not doing so can clog pores and create spots – this is especially true on your back. Finally, try and allow some you time to relax, a good way of doing this is a few drops of lavender oil in a bath as stress can be one of the main causes of bad skin.


How To Start The Day The Sept PR Way

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012


Your morning routine is pretty important and can determine how the rest of your day goes. Here at Sept HQ we try our best to make sure everyone has a balanced, morning ritual that puts a smile on their face and helps make their day!

We went around the office and did some research and came up with a list of tips on how to have a great start to your day:

  • Get up, do some stretches, smile and tell yourself today is going to be a great day and be thankful for everything you have.
  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up this will help hydrate your cells. You may also like to try a glass of hot water with the juice of half a lemon. It helps alkalize your system, cleans up your intestines and helps wake up your brain. Make sure you stay hydrated during the day – drinking water is not enough remember to eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well!
  • If you are feeling super sleepy and lazy hop in for a cold shower use a minty soap or shower gel which will help wake you up. Singing in the shower is fun too!
  • Make sure that you protect your skin by putting on sun lotion after your shower or use a moisturizer with SPF.
  • Take your beautiful dog out for a walk on the beach, preferably bare foot. No dog? Take yourself out for a brisk morning walk on the beach!
  • We’re sure you’ve heard it before, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and will provide you with the energy to take you through to lunch.  Try a bowl of porridge with berries or indulge in scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.
  • The clothes you wear can boost your mood and make you feel fabulous.  So put on those new heels or shoes  and dress or suit and make the world your runway!

Love, Sept HQ x






O.N.E Coconut Water Craze!

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Celebs are crazy for it and now so are we! Refreshing, hydrating, healthy, low calories, rich in potassium need we say more? With the potassium levels that you would expect from a banana, it has been shown to be more effective than plain water for hydrating.

O.N.E coconut water is hitting shelves in Dubai brought to us by New Age Beverages and we cannot wait to stock our fridges!

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New Year New Trends !

Monday, January 2nd, 2012


The Sept PR Team brings you our list of what we think the hottest trends and must have gadgets, cars, holidays and gizmos of 2012 will be. In other words, we are going to tell you what we believe all you fabulous people should be doing or getting in the next year. If someone claims you are so “last year” we will not be held responsible!


These two fashion trends are our top pick for 2012! So let us know what you think…

  • What do these three things have in common? Coco Chanel, Jazz , The Great Gatsby? Most probably the style influencers of the 1920s! 1920’s style trends look like they’re going to be hot this year too. From flapper dresses as seen on the Dior and Reem Acra runways to beading, fringing, short bobs and feathered head bands – we love this look!
  • We hear fashion styles from the 1960s are making a comeback for 2012 too! As seen in Burberry’s latest collection think mod dresses, bright block colors, geometric and art deco patterns, coats and capes and peter pan collars. As for the shoes, ladies we can make masculine penny loafers look gorgeous any time of the day!

Beauty Trends

  • It’s all about looking effortlessly sexy this year as seen by models and socialites like Bridget Bardot, Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. You want to focus on neutral colors, sun kissed skin, pink lips and a strong dramatic eye.
  • For eyes line the top lid with black kohl baring in mind that you want a simple flick at the end for the cat eye look then cover with two coats of mascara. Focus on highlighting the eye sockets with a beige, gold khaki color. As for the lips a light pink. Check out Burberry Iconic runway make up look tutorial at
  • For hair we are seeing a lot of French twists, wavy bouncy hair, side parts, mod bobs and afros! Something to suit every personality, 2012 looks like it is going to be one exciting year for hair trends.


  • Not too cliché to be your New Year resolution,  you know you want to be healthier this coming year or at least try to have better eating habits. What do we recommend?  Japanese food and diet! Research shows that it is one of the best diets around the world. Japanese food is naturally low in fat, rich in nutrients and contains plenty of fish so you will be getting your healthy dose of Omega 3 and 6 oils.
  • Our favorite restaurant destination? OKKU Luxury Japanese Restaurant & Lounge. You will thank us after trying their selections of fish carpaccio and their miso glazed black cod!


  • January marks the month whereby most people resolve to pick up a new hobby, and stick to it.  With so much pressure to find a sport that you actually enjoy why not look beyond buying a simple gym membership and committing to a more exciting activity? The team at Sept HQ is loving dancing away the calories to Zumba beats, playing horse polo in the desert, combining pilates and boxing in ‘Piloxing’, or attending a ‘Kangaroo Jumps’ class – complete with specially created pogo trainers.


  • We predict that when it comes to holidays, mini-breaks will feature heavily in our 2012 travel plans.  The rise of low cost airplane carriers here in the Middle East means that it has never been easier to hop on a flight and be transported to a new world in just a couple of hours. On our doorstep are places such as Doha – the Museum of Islamic Art is a must see, Muscat – the Royal Opera House will have you singing with delight and Beirut – the region’s ever popular party destination.


  • After being spoilt rotten with gadgets this Christmas there’s been quite a lot of Googling about what new techy bits and pieces are coming up for 2012, so here’s a quick list of what we have to look forward to over the coming few months. Keep eyes peeled for the new iPad 3 that is set to launch in the first half of this year following the launch of the official iPhone 5 this February. These will take a little longer to filter down into the smaller markets such as ours, but there will be some grey market goods for sale in no time, undoubtedly at a massive premium. Both are supposed to be big leaps forward in terms of performance and functions with the iPad having improved resolution, processing power and an SD card slot! The iPhone will have an 8MP flash camera, better memory and a rumoured three antennas no less, which is probably to safeguard against the previous models that were plagued by the ‘antenna death grip’ whereby if they were held a certain way you wouldn’t get any reception.


  • Speaking of improved tech, 2012 will be an interesting year in the auto world as all the big players seem to be bringing out hybrid cars. OK, there is definitely something to be said about lowering emissions, but I think a little bit of the magic is lost in a car that purrs instead of roars…Look out for the following on the Sheikh Zayed Road, or cruising down the beach road of a weekend, which promise some exhaust note opera; the new Audi S8 that will feature a smaller force fed V8 as opposed to the Lambo derived V10, which was a peach, the new McLaren MP4-12C, which is now on sale in the Middle East and the four door Ferrari FF with four seats and four wheel drive!