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Foods we L❤VE

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”

George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950

Since it is the start of the New Year and we are feeling super generous we decided to share with you some of our favorite foods! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Bubble Tea: Bubble tea a fun tea drink made with different variations of tea, fruit syrups or even milk. The most popular bubble tea drink the “Pearl Milk Tea” which has small chewy bits of tapioca in them therefore the name “Pearls”!

Did you know that Dubai is getting its own independent Bubble tea shop? Bubbles & Boba is opening soon at our favorite shopping destination Dubai Mall, and is going to have a fantastic range of Bubble tea flavors that will not disappoint! We have a feeling that the bubble tea craze will get massive and the drink is going to be Dubai’s most sought out beverage for 2012 ….counting days till the opening check out their website at !

Chocolate: Where do we begin with the wonderful things chocolate can do to you? From being such a delightful treat in your mouth to the wonderful effects it can have to your heart and mind! Did you know that most chocolates (especially dark) are made from cocoa, a type of plant, and contain falvanoids which act like anti-oxidants. This has also been proven to help reduce blood pressure and protects your heart from disease.  Other than that, did you know that pure chocolate simulates our endorphin production hormone which gives us a feel good vibe and also acts like an anti-depressant! (Always have chocolate in your office drawer and indulge in your guilty pleasure on a regular basis, it’s good for you!).

Sept PR top chocolate picks: Any kind of good quality dark chocolate! We like Green & Blacks organic chocolates.

Japanese food: Yes, Sept HQ has voted and we all love Japanese cuisine! There’s something about its simplicity, delicacy and the ingredients used that makes it almost everybody’s favorite.  What makes Japanese food more appealing is that it is one of the healthiest types of cuisines out there. Japanese dishes usually consist of rice which is a low-fat complex carb (better alternative than bread or pasta) and helps fill you up! Japanese cuisine also uses a variation of vegetables, not to forget types of seaweed, which are very nutritious. One other benefit of Japanese cuisine is its heavy dependence on fish! Most Japanese dishes consist of a fish base, usually salmon, mackerel or fresh tuna – all a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are wonderful for your heart and mind.

Our top pick? Best in town has to be OKKU Luxury Japanese Restaurant and Lounge. We love the eclectic menu of dishes with a modern twist and the Supper Club vibe on Sundays and Thursdays is electric.

Seafood: The French call seafood “fruits de mer”, fruits of the sea, and they have every reason to do so! Fish is one of the healthiest types of proteins out there – lean, low in fat and types like tuna and salmon are rich in essential Omega 3 and 6 oils which are crucial for good health. Fish is also the best type of protein for fat burning and has other essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium! Now what if we told you there is one spot that combines divine of Italian cuisine with sea food!

Our Pick : BiCE Mare Souq Al Bahar

Steaks: From our beginnings as cave people grilling meat over a fire, our fondness for steak is still going strong. Beef is an excellent source of protein, selenium, zinc and vitamin B12.  Making the perfect steak is harder than it looks, it comes down to having the freshest and best quality meat, perfect preparation, and the cooking technique. Then we have the process and the way it is cooked and more importantly using the right sauce!

Our pick:  Legends Steak House at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht club. The main focus of the restaurant’s recent transformation has been to ensure that the menu offers an unforgettable dining experience with great emphasis being placed on sourcing the best quality ingredients and produce.The wide range of beef available is complimented by additional specials from the butchery block!

Sept’s Favorite Fruits: Delicious and super healthy what’s not to love

Rambutans! Grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia rambutans are small, reddish and hairy! But once you peel their skin off your for a juicy, delish treat! Rambutans are similar lychees and are our favorite treat to eat all year round. Especially when they are cold! Rambutans are also high in Vitamin C, manganese, copper and have traces of iron and calcium.

Mangosteen fever! Can never get enough of these delicious fruits! Sources say that mangosteens have been used in traditional South East Asian medicine for hundreds of years! Rich in anti-oxidants this fleshy fruit is also rich in Vitamin C, a modern source of B-complex vitamins and also contains potassium, magnesium and manganese.

Bon appetit from Sept HQ! x